How it all began...

After 18 years in the Regular Foces and Reserves my spouse always says "you can take the girl outta the Military but you can't take the Military out of the girl".

Pretty much by accident really, we had a fun Kids Day in December many years ago and one of the kids asked if he could bring his Nerf Guns...  I thought "why not???, as long as they have eye protection it could be fun!".  I am not going to lie, it was a lot of fun.  A few months later I wanted to give my nephew a really cool birthday party so we had a "Nerf War"...  I had no idea what I was doing, but man it was fun.  Well a few of the parents that attended his party asked if we could do one for them...  A year of trial parties a lot of trial and errors - I decided to go full steam ahead.  This is how 1 Combat Nerf Regiment was formed.

We have had over 200 parties since we started multiple Day Camps, Summer Camps and Gun Modding Camps.  My collection of Nerf keeps growing and growing...  I honestly had no idea what I was getting into, but it's been so much fun and now its a huge part of our business.  And really, I get to shoot kids with a nerf gun...  aka - BEST JOB EVER!!!

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Parties, Camps, and Custom Nerf Events onsite or your location. We are a little bit crazy and pretty much will try anytihing Nerf!

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Chief Engineer and Nerf Commander

Everything Nerf, mostly taking them apart. Head Gun Modding Instructor. Josh is a big part of the formation of 1 CNR, his amazing ability to fix broken guns, and mod them is to been seen. He is amazing with the kids, and most times I think he has more fun than them.

Nerf Commander

Camp Head Instructor, and Sharpshooter. Maya is our biggest "Headshot" offender, and most of all the children love her.  She is a Drill SGT while running the camps and the children love it! They mostly love shooting her, we are not going to lie.