Why choose Team Foundry?

Coaches Misty Shearer and Renee Martynuik are among Canada’s most accomplished lifters to date, achieving their Master of Sport in Longcycle and Candidate for Master of Sport designations in both Biathlon & Snatch under the American Kettlebell Alliance (AKA) ranking system. World and Canadian Kettlebell Sport Record Holders.

Misty and Renee have worked with some of the world's best coaches and competitors to increase and diversify their own knowledge, bringing back the best practice methods in Kettlebell Sport to Team Foundry.  They have been coached by and participated in many clinics delivered by the greats, including Valery FederenkoCatherine ImesIvan DenisovKsenia DedyukhinaAnton AnasenkoIgor Morozov, and Steven Khuong (Ice Chamber).  

Kettlebell Sport is growing at an astronomical rate in North America and across the world.  By joining Team Foundry, you have an opportunity to be at the forefront of the kettlebell sport movement in Canada.

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Rules and Ranking systems

Team Foundry follows the rules and ranking system of the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL), The American Kettlebell Alliance (AKA), and the Canadian Kettlebell Alliance (CKA).  If it is your goal to be ranked under the AKA/CKA ranking protocols, check these tables out for the goals you must attain to qualify.  

Team Foundry welcomes you!

We always welcome new members to Team Foundry!  On the ground, or online

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Kim K

AKA Rank 1 - Longcycle - Candidate for Master of Sport Veterans 12kg Snatch - 2015 Team Canada Member IUKL World Championships

2018 Canadain Nationals 12kg Vetrans Snatch Gold - 2018 West Coast Classic 12kg Snatch Gold - 2017 West Coast Classic Kettlebell Championships Gold Women's Snatch - 2016 Flatlanders Open Gold - 12kg Biathlon - 2016 Canadian Nationals - Gold - 12kg Biathlon - 2016 West Coast Classic - Gold - 12kg Biathlon - 2015 IUKL World Championships - 5th - Veterans - 2015 Canadian Nationals - Gold Medal Women's Amateur - Overall Veterans - 2015 West Coast Kettlebell Sport Classic - 16kg Longcycle - 4th place - 2014 AKA/IUKL World Cup - Gold medal - 16kg Longcycl - 2014 West Coast Kettlebell Sport Classic - 16kg Longcycle - 2013 AKA/IUKL USA Nationals - Silver medal - 16kg Longcyc

Amy R

2017 Ottawa-Gatineau Kettlebell Sport Open - Gold OALC 16kg - 2017 West Coast Classic Kettlebell Championships Bronze Women's Longcycle 16kg - 2016 Canadian Nationals - Gold - 12kg One Arm Longcycle - 2016 West Coast Classic - 16kg Longcycle - Bronze -2015 Canadian Nationals - Gold Medal - 12kg Longcycle

Allison (Pun) L

2018 Canadain Nationals OALC Gold - 2018 West Coast Classic One Arm Longcylce 12kg Gold - 
Fraaz K

2018 Canadian Nationals 5m Longcylce WInner - 2018 OKSOPEN Longcycle Gold & Canadain Record - 2017 Canadian Nationals Gold - 24kg Longcycle & CND Record 31 reps - 2017 West Coast Classic Kettlebell Championships Gold Longcycle 20kg - 2016 Flatlanders Open Gold 20kg Biathlon & Canadian Record - 2015 Canadian Nationals  Gold medal - Overall Men's Longcycle - 16kg Mens Longcycle 16kg <58kg wt. class Canadian Record - 2015 West Coast Kettlebell Sport Championship - Gold medal - 16kg Longcycle (Weight class winner) 

Holli M

2018 Candidate of Master of Sport 20kg OALC - 2017 IUKL Team Canada Bronze Medal Winner 16kg Snatch - 20kg OALC Canadian Record
Rhonda B
Maya F

2018 Canadian Nationsl Jr WInner OALC - 2018 IUKL  Team Canada Member